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    21.10.2014: Hot off the press! The new VIA Lamp with changeable lamp shade - designed by Mencke & Vagnby from ShapingYourDay.com.

    The lamp is not only “another lamp”, but a new concept combining flexibility, glare free light and timeless shapes. You can choose V: for uplight, I: provides up and downlight and A: provides manly downlight - VIA!

    For all three settings the light is also reflected horizontally through the white powder-coated aluminum leafs, with a matt inside coating. The shiny outside coating reflects the light out into the room. 

    The project is being crowd funded through Kickstarter, the crowd funding platform reaching out to Danish entrepreneurs today.

    "Kickstarter is a great way to get a first hand impression and interaction with the end user, before producing a product. One of the future ways of realizing designs for small brands like ShapingYourDay.com", says Marcus Vagnby, one of the designers. "All parts are “clean” parts, neither glue or over moulds are used, so all parts can be taken apart and recycled in the best possible way! We mark parts with a material code to improve recycling. We flat pack the lamps, which means less material is used in the recycled cardboard packaging and less CO2 due to less air transported: We can send five lamps instead of one, it´s that much space we save, compared to a fully assembled lamp!”, he says. 

    In addition, ShapingYourDay believe in a lamp that can change its looks and adapt its function to the users needs. “For sure it has a longer lifetime, and hopefully you don´t get tired of it at any time!”, says Marcus Vagnby.  

    See the full project at Kickstarter

    Thank you for allowing me to be the first with this “breaking news”, Marcus!Spotted by missdesignsays. Content Curator #allgoodthingsdanish

    The Medium Reflection mirror by Novel Cabinet Makers - a new Danish design brand. The Triangle Reflection mirror by Novel Cabinet Makers - a new Danish design brand. Novel Cabinet Makers - a new Danish design brand. The Edge Circle mirror by Novel Cabinet Makers - a new Danish design brand. Shelving System and a mirror collection by Novel Cabinet Makers - a new Danish design brand.

    New Danish design brand, Novel Cabinet Makers. They call themselves “Part artists, part businessmen” and the two owners, Anders Busk Faarborg and Lars Rolf Jacobsen (based in San Francisco, have launched a shelving system and a mirror collection - all products are easy to assemble without any tools. Made of wood and metal. See the full collection on their website. Spotted by missdesignsays. Content Curator #allgoodthingsdanish

    Aarhus-based Supershape has created this BROTHER & SISTER wall-hanger made of Danish oak. Available in White, Gray, Black, Yellow, Mint, Blue, Fox Red and Forest Green. Diameter: Small 25 millimeters - Medium 30 millimeters - Large 40 millimeter. Length: Short 70 millimeters -  Long 93 millimeters. Spotted by missdesignsays. Content Curator #allgoodthingsdanish

    Danish-based company Naked Society is a transparent design company that focuses on interior design, created from the idea that an aesthetic should be a melting pot of equal amounts Scandinavian purity and colorful Africa. Naked Society’s design perspective lifts recycled materials into the food chain of the products. The idea of recycling raw materials came from one of their numerous travels to Africa, where they experienced the surplus stocks of Western textiles firsthand. Production is based in Denmark and Africa. Spotted by missdesignsays. Content Curator #allgoodthingsdanish

    Sissy is a Danish designed lamp by Spant Studio, a young architecture and design studio founded by the architets Troels Thorbjørnson and Kasper Baarup Holmboe. The lamp was exhibited at Ventura Lambrate in Milan in 2013 and just won the 1st prize at the Paustian Design Competition in Copenhagen - celebrating Paustian’s 50 years as a design house with Danish, scandinavian and international furniture and design. Spotted by missdesignsays. Content Curator #allgoodthingsdanish

    This is Plus31 - an innovative cabinet design by Ralph van der Made. He is based in Copenhagen as Senior Interior & Product Designer, both with own design studio and as a part of design studio Design By Us. Spotted by missdesignsays. Content Curator #allgoodthingsdanish

    Nordic Antique. A collection of luxury wallpapers from Zilmers.com Nordic Antique. A collection of luxury wallpapers from Zilmers.com Nordic Antique. A collection of luxury wallpapers from Zilmers.com Nordic Antique. A collection of luxury wallpapers from Zilmers.com Nordic Antique. A collection of luxury wallpapers from Zilmers.com


    If you haven’t heard of Danish Heidi Zilmer from Zilmers.com, then let me introduce you to a world of luxury wallpapers. Heidi’s passion for “ancient craftsmanship revitalised” is rooted in Nordic esthetics through the ages from the Scandinavian Arts and Craft movement to the simplicity of modern Danish Design era. She designs and manufactures wallpapers by hand - from start to finish, which means that your wallpaper can be customised to match every taste, space and interest. 

    Zilmer’s work springs from a deep desire to keep the finest traditions of craftsmanship alive - and to use age-old techniques to create objects of beauty with contemporary relevance.

    This collection “Nordic Antigues” is a collection of contemporary wallpapers with roots in traditional Scandinavian knitting patterns. The patterns are designed as antique tiles.

    Zilmer was recently in Japan to promote the luxury wallpapers and besides doing castles, theaters and extraordinary scenes, she offers her handpainted luxury wallpapers to private homes. 

    #allgoodthings #danish spotted by missdesignsays.

    A_light by Anour.dk A_light by Anour.dk A_light by Anour.dk A_light by Anour.dk A_light by Anour.dk


    A_light by Anour.dk. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Copenhagen-based designer Arash Nourinejad for a couple of years now. First time I met him, I was attracted by the A_light - a handmade lamp in iron and aluminum, brass and copper. Arash told me, that his design company focus on the proud traditions of craftsmanship - and how he works hard to  preserve Danish made designs as a central part of Anour’s identity. He is very inspiring - and his A_light is a must-see. Retailers in Copenhagen, Herning (both Denmark) and Amsterdam. Special sizes are available, so don’t hesitate to ask. #allgoodthingsdanish #craftsmanship #danishdesign spotted by missdesignsays. 

    The Scandinavian design brand MOEBE is based in Copenhagen - founded by cabinetmaker Anders Thams and architect Martin D. Christensen. I came across Martin, when I first met Nordic Tales and saw their table POET (designed by Martin - see the post about the table here). So I’ve been watching Martin, and now MOEBE, ever since.

    Take a look at their design and tell me if you too like the way they “push our proud scandinavian design traditions on towards new discoveries”. 

    Here you see

    The Polygrif | a customizable creation that transforms through the touch of your hands. The pieces are made of solid oak and beech.

    The Frame | A frame simply put together by four pieces of oak and two pieces of plexiglass. Held together by a rubber band. Sold in two sizes; A4 and A3.

    Pinch Two pieces of solid oak and a rubber band. Sold in pairs. Comes with a magnet to hang on the fridge or a simple hole to hang it on a pin on the wall. Measures: 3,5 x 6 cm

    See - and do follow - MOEBE on their website. This is the upcoming, young generation of cool Danish designers and architects. #allgoodthingdanish spotted by missdesignsays.

    New ‪#‎danishdesign‬ from Lyngby Glas, a sub-brand by Lyngby Porcelain. The two classic icons, the Lyngby Vase (designed in 1936) and the Lyngby Bonbonnier (designed in 1944), will be launched in glass in Denmark in September. Spotted by missdesignsays. Content Curator ‪#‎allgoodthingsdanish‬ ‪#‎scandinaviandesign‬‪#‎nordicdesign‬ ‪#‎hotoffthepress‬