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    We Love Cycling is a new online magazine covering stories and special reports from the world of cycling. Their first report is from the city of bikes - Copenhagen! The world’s best city for cycling. See the video here and meet urban mobility expert Mikael Colville-Andersen, who advises cities across the planet and Morten Kabell, head of Copenhagen’s Technical and Environmental Administration. They even found a beautiful lady who ferries sperm samples to fertility clinics around Copenhagen on a sperm-shaped cargo-bike. Well, is that enough info to make you curious? 

    Spotted by missdesignsays. Content Curator (and bike lover) #allgoodthingsdanish 

    Cykelslangen in Copenhagen - a new bicycle ramp/bridge. Image: Ulla Bach Cykelslangen in Copenhagen - a new bicycle ramp/bridge. Image: Ulla Bach Cykelslangen in Copenhagen - a new bicycle ramp/bridge. Image: Ulla Bach

    The new bicycle ramp/bridge named “Cykelslangen” taking bikers in Copenhagen from Havneholmen along the shopping centre Fisketorvet to the shopping centre’s main entrance, will inaugurate next week. It’s a project paid by the Municipality of Copenhagen. The bridge will completely separate cyclists from pedestrians and hereby solve a large current logistic problem in the area. Yet another proof that Copenhagen is the best city to bike in - worldwide! 

    Architects: DISSING+WEITLING
    Images: Ulla Bach

    Spotted by missdesignsays. Content Curator #allgoodthingsdanish

    Showroom of Butchers & Bicycles in Copenhagen. Featuring the cargo bike MK1.

    Have you seen the new Danish cargo bike MK1 by Butchers & Bicycles? The all-new Danish brand - based in the meatpacking district “Kødbyen” in central Copenhagen - have developed the cargo bike challenging the perception of how fun and easy riding a cargo bike can be, without compromising usability.

    In the city of bikes, Copenhagen, most people see bicycles as the best alternative to the car. The three entrepreneurs behind the brand claim, that they love cycling.
    “Cargo bikes solve many of the daily tasks very well,but they don’t really give you the pleasure and ease of riding, as we know it from the two-wheeler. We have done something about that - simply because we love cycling, “says Morten Wagener, one of the owners. The two others are Morten Mogensen and Jakob Munk.

    #allgoodthingsdanish spotted by missdesignsays